Hello world!

I have many thoughts on the world of Autism, I am Autistic, but I recognise that I am part of humanity first and foremost. My thoughts are just that, my thoughts. Some you may agree with, some may resonate for you, others you may disagree with – that’s life. You are welcome to persuade me to see other points of view, but be courteous and polite or I will not listen.

I was one, of many, diagnosed later on the Autistic Spectrum later in life.
I have been fortunate to find love and am married with children, one of whom is also on the Spectrum. We are not the same, each of us is a unique autistic, no less awesome, no less authentic. I have had a career, I still work, I am also involved in autism advocacy – some online, most offline.

I acknowledge many good parents trying to do the best for their autistic children, I try to educate those parents who could do better. I see many autistics succeeding in their fields and I see many who are still trying to find their place in this world.
Above all I see the need for society as a whole to recognise us, to recognise our contributions, to accept us as we are and to affirm and celebrate with us.


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