Autism Advocacy and the way forward

Some Autistic advocates are stuck in the past.
Too bad it is 2016 and there is real advocacy to be done rather than petty cyber-bullying.

They spend their time criticising autistics, berating parents, rehashing issues from years ago, and trying to boost their ego by counting numbers of and in groups and pages, counting PMs, and promoting themselves as some sort of leaders.

Some Autistics have learned from their mistakes and moved on while it seems some “seniors” can’t even take responsibility for their errors and impairments.

Fragmentation of the autism sector in NZ will never heal while this behaviour continues. There will be little progress while NTs can witness such social dysfunction from the autistic community.

They claim to mentor but the only people mentored as future leaders are those who are ‘aspie’, hardly inclusive.

That said some complaints are legitimate – the need for more autistic voices around the table, the need for more autistic input at conferences, the need for more autistic input at government health levels, more autistic input into education, laws, policies and politics, more opportunities for autistics to contribute and not have their ‘voices’ silenced or marginalised.

The sad thing is too many voices are excluded. Sometimes it is because various disability groups become more powerful, sometimes it is because some people push themselves forward as leaders and others are left to trail in their wake.

Sometimes, whether we like it or not, advocates that get heard the most are those who are white and middle class. But in the end ALL autistic ‘voices’ are needed because all experiences are valid. All minorities have to be ‘heard’, all socio-economic groups need to be heard. And Autistics themselves need to be heard.
Not just parents, not just middle class, not just white, not just NTs.

Life is short. We donʻt want to waste time on things that really donʻt matter in the end…

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